What Are Grapple Trucks

The grapple truck is a versatile trash truck, with an A-frame or tube shape tower, which typically has a two piece boom, with a grapple attached at the extended end, for grabbing objects from multiple areas around the vehicle. The entire unit is commonly referred to as a loader.

grapple loader truck

Grapple Loader Truck

The loader is powered by a PTO,  a hydraulic pump that sends oil under pressure to the attached cylinders, causing them to extended or retract depending on the operators command. The grapple loader is controlled by levers and/or joysticks which are attached to the machine’s power supply, and staged in a area around the implement that will give the user the best view possible of the material being handled.

grapple loader

Used Grapple Truck

Because the grapple loader is very often used to lift large or bulky objects, two stanchion type supports are built onto the unit, on each side of the vehicle. If the grapple loader is an A-frame design, the props will be beams that stab downward out of each side of the A-frame unit, stabalizing and balancing the vehicle, as they apply pressure to the surface beneath the machine. More on this type later…

grapple truck stabilizer

Grapple Truck Stabilizer


If the loader truck has a tube shaped grapple unit, the stabalizers will be arm type braces that extend outward, on either side, from under the machine, with two stabbers, that counter balance the unit by applying pressure against the surface on both sides of the truck in the same way as the A-frame design. More on this type later…

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